Bless The Mess Jacket

{Miss Mass} "Bless the mess" is a Spanish brand developed by two best friends, Andrea Ruiz and Elisabeth Mas. This embellished jacket first got my attention when I saw Zina wearing it. {Miss Mass} {Miss Mass} {Zina from Fashion vibe} {Alessandra Ambrosio via Bless the mess} {via Bless this mess Facebook}


Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstocks are actually having a fashion moment! Let out your gasps and get used to the idea that next summer you have pretty good chances of seeing even more bloggers with new Birks in their wardrobe. Definitely not for everyone and not for every outfit, "vintage" Birkenstock sandals are surely enjoying their fame.


Celine Trio Bag

{Miss Pouty blog} Such a small bag and a huge impact! Burgundy and black seem to be main choices for the Celine trio bag  and it was immediately embraced by celebrities. If you love Celine bags but can't afford one unless you rob a small bank, the trio bag is a nice start. {Dress me perfect}{Hedvig Opshaug from The northern light} {Chiara from The blonde salad} {Blame it on fashion} {Naya from Fash apple}{Lisa from…

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Charlotte Olympia Perfume Clutch

{Bolsas Inusitadas} {Helena Bordon} {Helena Bordon} {Gary Pepper} {Helena Bordon} {VOGUE}  {Helena Bordon} {Mitograph} * * * * ♥FACEBOOK  ♥INSTAGRAM   ♥PINTEREST  ♥TUMBLR  ♥BLOGLOVIN


Zara Skort

{Vicoria Tornegren} {VENZedits} {We wore what} {Cashmere in style} {The blossom girls} {Sincerely Jules} {Hallie daily} {The haute pursuit} {A little dash of darling} {A little dash of darling} {A little dash of darling} {Hallie daily} {Fashion landscape} {Fashion landscape} {Olivia Palermo} {Peace love Shea} {Pale division} {Casey's collection} {Neon blush} {Neon blush} {Neon blush} {Weheartit} {Weheartit} {The styleograph} {The Daileigh} {Say hello, Max} {Pho and chips} {! Well living blog} {Karolina Kurkova} {Fashion attacks}…