• bless the mess jacket, bless the mess (5)

    Bless The Mess Jacket

    {Miss Mass} “Bless the mess“ is a Spanish brand developed by two best friends, Andrea Ruiz and Elisabeth Mas. This embellished jacket first got my attention when I saw Zina wearing it. {Miss…

  • birks, birkenstock sandals trend, birkenstock sandals, birkenstock trend (44)

    Birkenstock Sandals

    Birkenstocks are actually having a fashion moment! Let out your gasps and get used to the idea that next summer you have pretty good chances of seeing even more bloggers with new Birks…

  • celine trio bag style, celine trio bag trend

    Celine Trio Bag

    {Miss Pouty blog} Such a small bag and a huge impact! Burgundy and black seem to be main choices for the Celine trio bag  and it was immediately embraced by celebrities. If you…

  • charlotte olympia, charlotte olympia perfume clutch, perfume clutch, perfume clutch street style

    Charlotte Olympia Perfume Clutch

    {Bolsas Inusitadas} {Helena Bordon} {Helena Bordon} {Gary Pepper} {Helena Bordon} {VOGUE}  {Helena Bordon} {Mitograph} * * * * ♥FACEBOOK  ♥INSTAGRAM   ♥PINTEREST  ♥TUMBLR  ♥BLOGLOVIN

  • sincerely jules, white zara skort

    Zara Skort

    {Vicoria Tornegren} {VENZedits} {We wore what} {Cashmere in style} {The blossom girls} {Sincerely Jules} {Hallie daily} {The haute pursuit} {A little dash of darling} {A little dash of darling} {A little dash of…